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Wash Tips & Care

How to wash diapers?
Tips & Care
(1)Wash before first use. Please wash colours separately.
(2)It usually will take a few washes to reach its full absorbency (could be 6 washes or more)
(3)Place the insert inside the nappy through the open pocket in the back.
(4)Liquid will be absorbed through the inner layer of the nappy to the insert
(5)More than one insert may be needed when sleeping or when necessary
(6)Nappy should be changed every 2-3 hours, and when damp, to prevent nappy rash.

Washing Instructions
(1)Remove and rinse off the residuals (knock solids into toilet). Untie insert from diaper shell and wash separately.
(2)Hand wash or machine wash, less than (no hotter than 30℃).
(3)Hang them up to dry in the sun ), or "Low" tumble dry.
(4)Rainy season or wet weather may make it moldy, please keep it dry.
(5)No bleach, No softener, DO NOT boil the cover.

Detergent recommendations
1.We recommend using detergents that are free from optical brighteners, fabric softeners, and dyes. Many laundry detergents have such additives that can build up on cloth or cause other problems. Lots of customers recommend Tide, Gain, Purex, FOCA, etc., and they regularly see issues with Charlie's Soap, Rockin' Green, and homemade detergents. Most mainstream laundry detergents work well for cloth and these recommendations are for your reference only.

How to deodorize for cloth diapers?
(1)Two scoops oxy clean, generous amount of tea tree oil or olive oil.
(2)Use fragrance-free, bleach-free, additive-free detergent.
(3)Use only ½ to ¼ the amount of detergent you would normally use.
(4)DON'T USE: bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets, diaper creams - they leave a residue and reduce absorbency.
(5)Dry on medium heat or hang to dry.

What about the poop?
Flushable liners will make your cloth diapering routine VERY easy. You simply lay the liner on the inside of the diaper.
When baby poops, you lift out the liner, with the mess inside, and flush it down the toilet. Some folks prefer to use washable inserts for poop patrol instead, or to go the no-liner route by shaking solids into the toilet and rinsing out the diaper before putting it in a wet bag or pail.